Given their access to one-click shopping, same-day delivery, instant search results, and ubiquitous media, consumer expectations are sky high. Their message to businesses is paraphrased by Veruca Salt in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: “I want it, and I want it now.” In fact, consumer expectations of near-real-time interactions and services jumped to number one on the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) 2016 survey of business disruptions,1 up from sixth place in 2015. Technology is a crucial element in enabling marketers to meet those expectations. But technology is only a partial answer, as any marketer whose tech spend has produced less than optimal results can testify. To drive revenue growth and improve customer experience, technology has to enable more efficient data collection, foster cross-functional collaboration, and support test-and-learn agility. It needs, in short, to underpin a new Marketing Operating Model (MOM). Get the full story at McKinsey & Company Read also "Making the most of marketing technology to drive growth" at McKinsey & Company