The merger will consolidate the technology and customer base of the two businesses, presenting a sophisticated and wide-reaching transportation offer. With both companies in March recording 4,749,407 total web visits, bookings exceeding 168,120 and 206,776 tickets sold, it is forecast that the new joint company will command sales in excess of 500 million Euros. The merger will also enable both Tripsta and airtickets to extend their current customer portfolios, in a number of new European markets. As part of the merger, both Tripsta and airtickets will continue to operate under their existing company brands with new CEO, Philipp Brinkman, and president of the Board of airtickets, Dimitris Kontogeorgos, leading the companies’ transition. The combined companies will have offices in Greece, Russia, Romania, Poland, Turkey and Brazil. Get the full story at Travel Media Daily and Travolution