Talent - After “Marrwood” comes to be (the merger of Marriott & Starwood), I expect there to be a flood of above-property talent that becomes available. Some very experienced and qualified people are going to be on the market. Is there capacity within the hotel industry to pick them up and quickly get them fully employed? Or will we lose some of our best and most experienced sales people to third party intermediaries, OTAs, destination management companies, airlines, and car rental companies – where they can sell the same or similar products to their same customers? - For those sales people who find themselves displaced, it will be very important to think about what role they really want. Is it going to the property-level? Is it moving to a new product or market or company type? - For less experienced and on-property sales people, now more than ever they will have to be on their “A-Game” and show their value. They will soon likely be competing for opportunities (in their company and with their customers) against a whole new class of sales professionals. Get the full story at HSMAI