As part of a wider piece of research into digital media and online retail for travel and hotel bookings, PACE Dimensions analysed the top advertisers by metasearch site. Here are the main implications for hotels: - remains the leading retailer in metasearch: Despite reports that pulled back on digital advertising spend at the end of last year, it still retained a 20% share of top placements averaged across all metasearch sites. had the highest presence on Google, with a 25% share of top placements. - The two biggest players outspend all hotels combined: Booking Holdings and Expedia outspend all hotel brands combined. Hotel company advertising generates only an 8% share compared to a 52% share for Expedia and Booking Holdings companies. - Despite reports of rivalry, still leads on top spot placements for Trivago: Based on our research, had a 19% share of top placements on Trivago. had a lower total share of top placements than Expedia companies combined (including on Trivago, but still led all other advertisers. - Hotel websites fared best for top spot placement on TripAdvisor and Google: Hotel websites had greater visibility on Google and TripAdvisor, as the top three advertisers on these platforms. By contrast, hotel brands fared worst of all on the combined flight and hotel metasearch sites: just a 7% share on Skyscanner and 4% on Kayak. Get the full story at Tnooz