Technology has consistently changed our approach to the ways we manage and do business. As consumers are always connected to their digital channels, their habits are constantly evolving. These constant shifts have challenged the hospitality industry to keep pace with new technology and trends so as to compete in the online community space. Optimising a hotel’s online distribution to drive more direct traffic requires digital marketing strategy and tools to be efficient and effective in their efforts within the online community. In 2015, just two years ago, organic traffic counted for 62%* of the traffic in a hotel website. This figure has reduced to 42% in 2017. Undoubtedly, this is still an important source of traffic for hoteliers to leverage on. The apparent reason being is that organic traffic to a hotel’s website is nearly FREE. However, this is not sufficient to drive more traffic and conversion to a hotel’s website. To compete effectively in the digital community space, an effective Digital Marketing strategy to drive more qualified traffic and conversion to the hotel’s website is pertinent. This plan encompasses Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Pre-and Retargeting Display Ads Campaigns, AdWords and the ultimate driver Metasearch. Get the full story at Fastbooking