Hotel companies should get serious about have a strong presence on metasearch sites. Metasearch use grew by 13% in 2013 and will continue to grow at an unprecedented rate. Advertising by the big ones such as Trivago and TripAdvisor alone could see to that. Kayak is already boasting that it processed over 1.58 billion queries in 2013 and TripAdvisor receives 200 million monthly visits and over 50% of them are already using its relatively new metasearch feature. It will be a focus of the industry and, similar to hotel developments springing up where demand is, hotel companies will have to be visible where consumers go to buy. But by combining marketing campaigns with real-time hotel inventory and pricing, hoteliers are better placed to meet the travellers’ demand for instant, precise and concise information, as well as respond instantaneously to changing market conditions and comp set behaviour. That said, the OTA channel will continue to evolve and will remain an important part of the travel distribution eco-system. Hotels will continue to be leverage them as another distribution channel to help boost performance. Too much reliance on any channel, be it OTA, metasearch, etc., is not going to be good. Get the full story at Triometric