The following article describes three accounts of my experience in teaching users how to navigate the system. Learning How to Swim The entire first hour was dedicated to simply teaching the staff how to log into the system. After some time had passed, a housekeeping attendant sitting next to me exclaimed that she could clean a room in only fifteen minutes, and it was taking longer than that just to figure out how to use a mouse and a keyboard. That was the start of our pilot installation in Singapore, where we were replacing an archaic AS400 system with a sophisticated MICROS Suite8 solution. Bruno, the trainer, was tiring as he tried to explain basic keyboard concepts to a lovely group of older staff members. A couple of days later, I found myself sitting with the hotel’s manager and an IT consultant, discussing this very matter. Since they were open to recommendations, I suggested that we give Suite8 Mobile Reports a try. This is Suite8’s integrated mobile solution that runs off any mobile browser; it allows housekeeping attendants to update the status of a room anytime, anywhere. Furthermore, this module requires no additional cost and it can be set up in under an hour. Get the full story at the Micros Blog