No longer is the typical hotel customer a middle-aged executive clad in a pin-stripped suit. Instead, he is a blue-jeans wearing executive with an informal and casual air, most likely to be in his thirties. With over 150 million Indians belonging to the Millennial category (born between 1980-2000), it's a coveted catch for the hotel industry. This category also has a very large number of female professionals, like Gupta. Women account for 41.6 percent of those enrolled in higher education and are entering the professional hierarchy in a big way. Further, they already account for an estimated 30 percent of the economically active workforce and nearly 25 percent of domestic business travelers. "Self-assured, optimistic, globally connected and curious, the Millenials are poised to take the hotel industry by storm," Ernst &Young said in a 2014 report on Global Hospitality. Get the full story at CNBC Read also "Meet the key growth leaders of Indian e-commerce" at The Times of India