Example? InterContinental Hotels Group’s new Even brand offers kale salads and LED mood lighting next to every bed. And at Hyatt Centric - a brand that sounds like it was born out of a focus group - guests don’t enter the lobby, they walk into an “open-concept lounge where your experience begins.” Every property has a “health studio” (a gym), “creative meeting spaces” (conference rooms), and a “barman’s table” (yep, just a bar). As a Millennial, I’m here to say you don’t have to woo us with your in-room acoustic guitars. Yes, the Freehand Chicago has cute Crosley radios in its rooms, but I was more excited by the bedside outlet where I could charge my phone while it rested on the nightstand. It turns out we’re not that different from our parents. Just don’t skimp on the free Wi-Fi. Get the full story at Condé Nast Traveler