Many of the conclusions revolve around technology, a subject quite dear to many younger travelers. Asked “Would you enjoy connecting socially with other passengers while on-board,” 53% of Millennials expressed favor while only 36.7% of Gen Xers expressed interest.” 18% of single Millennials would also use an in-flight dating app similar to Tindr, while only 9.1% of those in Gen X would do the same. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the main conclusions of the study seem to fall in line with prevailing Millennial traits. Technology and design focused products and services resonate well with the younger generation, provided they’re cost effective and efficient. Extrapolate that data to the current travel industry and it’s easy to see why products like Virgin America and Ace Hotels are so popular. It also explains why big brands like Hilton and Air France are in such a hurry to create brands like Canopy and Hop — as Millennials get older, they’ll carry their loyalty to these products along in stride. Get the full story at Forbes and Hipmunk