Research has proven Hotels/Restaurants lose business and competitive advantage due to unsatisfied customers. The social networks have given more power to consumers to share and broadcast their bad experiences to thousands. The solution to this is a good customer feedback system, which can help continuously measure customer satisfaction and identify deficiencies and areas of improvement. The system should also alert management of a bad experience so that it can be quickly resolved. Well-established research by Bain &Company, which is applicable to customer, based organizations where in an increase in 5% customer retention can increase profits by 25% to 95%. Study also says it costs six to seven times more to gain a new customer than to keep an existing one. (Source: Bain & Company study in Harvard Business Review 2011) So how does Konekt: Feedback system help in solving these issues? Designed specifically for hospitality industry, Konekt: Feedback system works with the iPads/Andriod touch pads and as web application allowing guests to give feedbacks at the venue or via email. Key features: - An iPad/Android app, works offline (without an internet connection), the data can be synchronized with the server on daily basis. - Design customer feedback questions as per your choice. - Guests receive pre-designed offers on providing the feedback. Tagging system allows management to supply certain tags on guest comments, which can generate an Email/ SMS alert for the management. (e.g., Guests using words like ‘BAD’ ‘Very BAD’ ‘Dislike’ ‘Not a good service’ etc, in their comments, will automatically trigger an Email /SMS alert to the management of the hotel) - Option for guests to share their feedback or alert the management. - Live analytics and reports on guest satisfaction ratio and trends. - Option for management to Email individual guests directly from the system. - View guests comments on Website or Mobile Site. - Display feedback ratings on Website or Mobile Site. - An option to share feedbacks on Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter. The Konekt: Feedback system will change the paper based guests feedback used today. With the hosted SaaS based solution, the GM’s, Owners and top management can now access reports and analytics on their laptops and smart phones at anytime. For more details and live demo contact us today on or call us on +91 20 41464100 or visit us at Mobikon is a global provider of hosted platform services using the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model to help Hotels, Restaurants and Resorts connect and engage with their consumers using the latest Mobile, Social Media, Email, Voice and Web based technologies to maximize direct revenue, repeat business and ensure high levels of customer satisfaction.