Mobil Travel Guide introduced a new concept in mobile electronics which they say will "re-writes the book on travel information".

The new travel tool is based on Mobil Travel Guide's half-century tradition of rich information and objective Star Ratings, combined with built-in mapping, global positioning system (GPS), constant search processes, and an extraordinary degree of personalization.

The result: a guide that knows the traveler's tastes and location, and that alerts the traveler to interesting places nearby. "Mobil Travel Guide's new offering reflects the changing wants and needs of today's travelers," said Shane O'Flaherty, vice president of Quality Assurance, Mobil Travel Guide. "More people are mobile, planning their travel via laptop or handheld. Travelers can now keep Mobil Travel Guide's highest quality information at their fingertips."

Mobil Travel Guide is immediately releasing 10 of its popular guides in the new format, known as Spot Guides(TM), a mobile technology developed by Chicago-based Earthcomber LLC. The guides operate as extensions to the basic Earthcomber platform. Each guide offers in-depth destination content that can either be browsed, like a hyperlinked book, or continuously searched based on the traveler's current location and interests. Interactive links are available to connect guidebook content with corresponding map locations.

Personalization features allow travelers to precisely specify what they want to find. Each guide searches constantly for all of the things the traveler is interested in, based on the user's preferences and current location.

The initial set of Mobil Spot Guides includes guides to 10 major American cities, with additional guides available in the near future. The guides employ the Mobil Star Rating system to provide impartial, objective ratings of hotels and restaurants. The guides also provide extensive reviews of attractions and shopping.

The Mobil guides are priced between $10.95 and $14.95. The guides, maps, and software can be downloaded at

The technology currently works on Palm-powered smartphones and PDAs. Versions for Windows Mobile handhelds, Blackberry devices, and more common cell phones are expected for release shortly.