Not since the heyday of the Internet boom has a technology been so enthusiastically embraced as mobile devices. Smartphones have only been around since 2007, but their rapid adoption by both consumers and global industries have turned them into indispensable everyday tools. Today, 100% of airlines are investing in the mobile space. With parallels to the early adoption of the Internet, the disruption caused by mobile is so significant that airlines feel that they must invest in mobile services to ensure that they are not left behind. One of the key performance indicators tracked by many airlines is mobile usage data for self-service tasks. Most indicate they are pleased with progress (66%), Mobile Check-in usag1e5% while only 11% are not happy. Yet, although mobile usage has grown in the last three years, it has been slower than many airlines predicted. Download Sita's "The Airline IT Trends Survey 2014" (PDF 1 MB) Read also "UK Mobile travel booking has yet to take off" at eMarketer