About 20% of mobile phone users worldwide have downloaded content to their phones, and a new study released by LogicaCMG projects the percentage will rise to 60% in one year's time.

The study was conducted for LogicaCMG in May and June 2005 by TNS (Europe and North America), Ibope (South America) and Synovate (Asia Pacific), with a representative sample of 1,000 adult respondents in each region.

Based on the data collected, 2005 should prove a major year in the rise of mobile content downloading. For example, the average user currently spends EUR6.32 ($7.63) on monthly downloads, but more than 40% of respondents expect to spend more by next year. LogicaCMG expects the industry to bring in multi-billion dollar revenues by 2006.

Respondents in the Asia-Pacific region are the most enthusiastic about advanced mobile phone functions. Almost three-fourths of the mobile phone users surveyed in that region expect to be downloading ringtones to their phone in 12 months time, compared to 27% of North American users, 25% of South American users, and 20% of mobile users in Europe. Cell phone users in the Asia-Pacific region are similarly ahead with other content, such as images, screensavers, music, games and sports clips.

The only type of data accessed roughly equally in all the regions are full feature films, though North America falls a bit behind the crowd, with just 3% of users expecting to download this content in 12 months time, compared to 8% to 11% in the other regions. On a global basis, ring tones, music and games are the most popular types of downloaded mobile content.

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