As of September 2015, there were approximately 65,000 travel apps in the Apple App Store. As of June 2015, Google Maps had grabbed the No. 5 spot of most-frequently accessed apps among iOS and Android platforms with nearly 76.5 million unique monthly users. Apple Maps grabbed the No. 11 spot with nearly 35 million unique monthly users, while The Weather Channel hit the top 20 list twice with its app at No. 16 and its widget at No. 20. Are these travel apps? Not exactly, and they are definitely not managed travel apps, but they do give business travelers critical information in the palm of their hands wherever they are in the world and whenever they need it. That’s the mindset shift that travel managers will need to get their heads around if they want to be successful in supporting their travelers on the road, said Marina Hegeman, managing director of TouristMobile, which provides real-time mobile travel messaging and support to employees of large, Europe-based companies. She has worked with big travel spenders like KPMG for several years. “It’s not really about apps and smartphones,” she said, noting that companies often toss a few apps at their travelers to address specific pain points or even just to bridge a relevance gap. “It’s really about understanding the traveler and the travel journey at any point in time and in the context of the decisions they need to make.” Get the full story at Business Travel News