One of the most astounding facts was that transactions generated via mobile online bookings — or booking a vacation via a phone or tablet — was expected to reach $26 billion worldwide, said Neha Parikh, U.S. and Canada president and general manager with Expedia’s For comparison, online travel vacations booked via mobile platforms in 2010 was only $2.6 billion and reached $8 billion in 2012. That means experts believe tourists who use their iPhones, iPads, and Android devices to book their next trip to Central Florida will increase by a staggering 225 percent next year. “That’s because more than 30 percent of customers use mobile apps to find deals,” said Parikh. She called the shift to more online booking both an evolution and revolution of the online travel market, and urged travel providers and hoteliers not to ignore the effectiveness of their business’ mobile platforms. Get the full story at the Orlando Business Journal