Loyalty programs have been incredibly enduring -- from that very first American Airlines frequent flyer program in 1981 to the Starbucks Card Rewards program nearly 30 years later. The average U.S. household now takes part in 21.9 loyalty programs every year, according to Colloquy research. Yet mobile is shaking up the traditional loyalty model, just as it's shaken up so many other things. The mobile phone has become the remote control for life, and we're using it to change channels on our loyalty programs as well. More and more digitally-savvy consumers are giving up on traditional one-size-fits-all loyalty programs and choosing mobile-driven offerings that fit their specific needs. And that's very good news for brands. Because the mobile phone is where brands can reach consumers anytime and anywhere -- where they'll find engaged users who are ready to receive valuable and relevant messages. Get the full story at AdAge Read also "Are loyalty programs worth it? Ask Amazon" at eMarketer