In August, German automaker BMW became the first to offer local search through its in-dash navigation systems. In its ongoing partnership with Google, it's produced such services as "Send to Car," which delivers Google Maps information to drivers. Now BMW has created the ability to search the Web and have relevant information transferred to your vehicle based on your current location.

So far, the new feature is only offered to drivers in Germany. But rival Mercedes-Benz has taken a similar approach in the U.S., partnering with both Google and Yahoo to send directions from the Web to Mercedes vehicles. For the moment, however, the Search & Send feature is limited to searching Google and Yahoo Maps, meaning we're still shackled to our BlackBerries and iPhones if we want to surf the Web while away from our desktops.

Currently in North America, many consumers have access to progressive GPS technology in their cars, both built-in and portable after-market units. Each unit includes millions of points of interests, like restaurants, hotels, stores, and area attractions. But all these must live on an internal drive, CD, or DVD, which is forever at risk of becoming outdated.

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