What are the key mobile challenges facing the travel industry? Peter Kelly (ADARA): Mobile technology is increasingly being used for browsing purposes with consumers often conducting research on their mobile before committing to purchase. This links directly to the biggest challenge in the industry, however, as travel companies need to understand the consumer path to purchase and ensure conversions to spend. Working out how to engage in relevant, one-to-one relationships with customers is key to completing the purchase cycle, but this increasingly requires consideration of multiple digital and physical channels. Jim Banks (Cheapflights): Rising cost per click on advertising, limited advertising results being shown. Less consumer time for engagement on mobile. Usually consumers are killing time on mobile. Companies also need to keep up with tech developments, such as mobile attribution platforms. However, these need to be tailored specifically to each company, which is costly and takes a long time to create. Using indirect marketing channels means that it is difficult to track a single consumer and there are also issues associated with using the ‘last click’ attribution model, namely who should be paid. Get the full story at PerformanceIN and download the Travel Performance Marketing report at PerformanceIn (free registration)