Mobile payment has become a standard in many retail businesses, including coffee shops, fast-food restaurants and department stores. According to a report from Gartner quoted during the webinar, mobile payment transactions will top $37 billion in North America in 2013, up 53% from 2012. On a global basis, consumers will use mobile payment systems to buy $235.4 billion in goods and services this year. “It’s happening now in all kinds of businesses, and it’s something we in the hotel industry need to be aware of,” said Jeffrey Stephen Parker, VP of technology for Stout Street Hospitality. “The hardware is not ready for full hotel operations, particularly in terms of replacing (property management systems), but one day it will get there.” In a hotel environment, mobile payment systems are ideal for coffee shops, pools and other remote food-and-beverage outlets and for some catering functions. Get the full story at HotelNewsNow