Since consumers are more likely than ever to make a purchase via mobile devices, retailers and brands prepping for the 2014 holiday season are likely to route their strategies accordingly. As the anticipated launch of iOS 8 is right around the corner, retailers should expect a prevalent use in this department as virtual gift giving continues to replace its physical counterpart. “This month is the first time that online retail has become pervasively mobile in terms of visitors, which makes it more prevalent than traditional desktop and laptops,” said Chris Mason, co-founder and CEO at Branding Brand, Pittsburgh. “It’s been building to that point for years, and now that intersection as occurred.” In 2010, 96 percent of online retail browsing was done on desktops while only 4 percent took place via mobile devices. Today, those numbers have collided and continue to move in opposite directions, with 51 percent of retail visits occurring via mobile. Get the full story at Mobile Commerce Daily