BrightEdge showed which sectors specifically had significant growth in mobile traffic when compared to desktop. Topping the charts was software and technology, financial services and the real estate sectors. But when it comes to conversions, smartphone users aren't converting at the same rate as desktop users. Mobile users converted at one-third the rate of desktop users overall, according to the study. But tablets users, however, converted at nearly the same rate as desktop. "Marketers have understood for a few years that they need mobile sites to take advantage of the explosion in mobile traffic, but many have existing sites that were not built for a smaller screen and do not take into account the user experience on mobile vs. desktop vs. tablet," said Brad Mattick, BrightEdge's VP of marketing. "Each device is unique in how consumers interact and engage, and marketing activities should reflect this. Leaders are taking the time to develop responsive web sites- our customer Microsoft for example has optimized their site for all device types and offers a fantastic targeted experience." Get the full story at Search Engine Watch