Travel search engine Mobissimo launched a new, simplified search function that allows visitors to enter their itinerary information in one easy step, directly in the search box.

Mobissimo One-Box Search technology allows customers to find online travel deals even more quickly and easily as it eliminates the need for customers to check multiple boxes, click calendars or type text in forms to obtain the best fares and rates for airfare, hotels and car rentals. Mobissimo's One-Box Search processes information in just the way that consumers think. The user merely types in the departure city, the destination city and the dates. A trip from San Francisco to New York could be summarized on the Mobissimo site by: SFO to JFK Dec 1 to 14. If the traveller does not know the airport abbreviations, he or she could also type in full names of the cities. The technology will also allow further adaptations that would help users plan a winter vacation by just typing a few words such as "SFO to ski this weekend" or "Chi to Mexican Beaches March 2-6."

"One-Box Search represents a significant advance in travel search technology. It allows travelers to simplify the search for travel by using natural language and heralds our ambition to reach the larger search audience," commented Beatrice Tarka, Mobissimo co-founder and CEO. "Mobissimo's capacity to handle flexible searches adds value to large third-party sites, search engines, and portals and supports our strategy of distributing powered-by-Mobissimo travel search across the internet."

Mobissimo's meta-search engine is based on scalable, proprietary technology.

Among the suppliers Mobissimo searches are well-known sites such as,, American,, as well as over 54 low cost airlines not accessible anywhere else in one single search.