Every hotel owner and manager strives for the same goal: delight guests while generating significant revenue and profits. But achieving this holy grail often proves elusive. Many hotels still perceive the property management systems (PMS) as a cost center. Quite the contrary. Today’s modern cloud-based PMS platforms have the potential to increase the productivity of your team, the efficiency of your operations, increase your guest spend and impact your bottom line in many ways. - Know your guests: The modern PMS enables your team to update and access critical guest information at every touch point – so they can treat ever guest as an individual. Use this data to engage guests by name, personalize relevant offers via push notifications and campaigns, and use the data to enhance the guest’s next stay. Your goal should always be to create memories. Memories that are positive will bring guests back – and spending more. - Timely, automated upsell: We cannot stress enough the importance of upsell and cross-sell to increase revenue for your property. But all too often, hotel front line staff miss out on the opportunities that would lead to more sales. Enhanced automated suggestion selling with upgrades and dynamic packages are built directly into the modern PMS. Suggestion selling includes upgraded room types, early or late check-ins/check-outs and add-ons presented via email before arrival or at the time of check-in. For hotels with an average of 150 rooms, 60% occupancy, upsell revenue can easily boost sales by $50,000 to 65,000 annually, which represents a small percentage of 3 to 5 upsells per day. - Profitable decisions: With robust reporting and mobile dashboards, a modern PMS will eliminate the need to manually collaborate and exchange information to make better decisions for your property and your guests. With easy anytime access to financials, operations data, and guest information in real-time, hotel executives can make better decisions. Get the full report at StayNTouch