Unity is a unique cloud based hotel revenue optimization and distribution suite that collects market and business intelligence to make pricing decisions and further distributes it across all electronic channels. It eliminates a need for multiple tools to execute rate shopping, rate optimization, channel management, online brand reputation, etc. and brings everything on a single dashboard for a seamless revenue management experience. Additionally, the hotel was also looking to partnering with a solution provider with a capability to assist them in their native language, Portuguese, with round-the-clock client services. Ines Longueiro, Sales Manager at Monte da Quinta Resort said, “Being a family owned business, we are very particular about our associations with other businesses. We are happy to have chosen RateGain’s Unity to efficiently manage our inventory, pricing, online reputation, and distribution. For us, the 24*7 customer support in Portuguese is like cereja do bolo”. Bhanu Chopra, CEO & Founder, RateGain said, “Portugal is a very substantial region for us. We’re glad to be helping Monte da Quinta Resort and the hospitality sector in Portugal by providing distinct, constructive and invaluable technology with the help of our products.” Related Link: RateGain