Do-it-yourselfers have one more place where they can take care of business while avoiding human contact: the hotel.

The Hilton Washington on Connecticut Avenue NW is one of 37 Hilton hotels that lets guests use self-service machines to check flight information and print out boarding passes as well as check themselves in and out of the hotel.

"Travelers like the convenience, especially with Southwest, where it's first-come, first-serve," said Nichole Ward, director of front office operations for the Washington Hilton.

This combination of hotel checkout and airline service at one location is the next step of the self-service trend, industry officials say -- a trend driven by consumers who want the ultimate one-stop shopping experience wherever they go.

While only 10 boarding passes were printed on the hotel kiosks in March, the month the airline feature was added, at least 100 passes have been printed every month since, Ms. Ward said. Hilton is so pleased with the dual-use kiosks that the company plans to put them in all 240 Hilton brand hotels, said Thomas Spitler, vice president of front-office operations and systems at Hilton.

"We think what is really happening is that the business traveler is saying, 'I want that same capability in my hotel.' So the consumer is demanding the same sort of convenience throughout the whole journey," said Michael Webster, vice president and general manager of the retail sales division of NCR Corp. The Dayton, Ohio, company is the world's biggest manufacturer of automated teller machines and other do-it-yourself equipment such as kiosks and self-checkout machines.

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