Brands such as CitizenM Hotels, for example, have done away with the front desk altogether, opting instead for self-service kiosks in their lobbies. HTL Hotels, meanwhile, has been implementing mobile check-in processes with pre-paid bookings. The changes run the gamut, but it’s all a push to give guests control, sources said. “They do everything themselves,” including pumping their own gas and scanning items and processing payment at retail outlets, said Eric Jacobs, chief development officer of North America for Marriott International, during a panel at last month’s Lodging Conference. Millennials are driving much of this do-it-yourself mentality, he added. “Going in and checking in, they feel like they can handle this on their own.” “They don’t want to stand in line; they don’t want to meet someone else. They just want to get in and out,” CitizenM COO Michael Levie said during this year’s HotelsWorld Australia New Zealand. Get the full story at Hotel News Now