How do you view technology, as a friend that enhances the guest experience, or as a necessary evil to meet spiraling demands for the latest in state-of-the-art gadgets?

What if all that strange new technology could be harnessed and used, as they say in old movies, for good -- like saving you money and providing guests with the services they want?

Ready or not, the move toward greater technology in the lodging industry is being greeted with open arms in some quarters.

“Technology has helped the industry become more efficient,” said American Hotel & Lodging Association (AH&LA) President/CEO Joseph McInerney, CHA.

Not only hotels, but guests are benefiting from the technological shift. McInerney says guests nowadays may even expect a higher level of technology in your hotel than they have in their homes.

”When booking hotels, guests look for hotels that offer the latest must-haves, such as WiFi, plasma screen televisions, MP3 radios, and CD players,” McInerney said. “They want the same technologies they have at home or wish they had at home.”

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