The information on Google Hotel Finder comes from a variety of sources, according to Deanna Yick, spokesperson for Google. Reviews and star ratings come from Google users. Photos are provided by VFM Leonardo. “For the price and booking links, we're working with a limited number of online travel agencies and hotel brands as part of our (existing) Hotel Price Ads beta,” she said. “You may have already seen hotel prices from those partners on and Google Maps, and they're also providing the price and availability data for this experimental product. We're excited to offer them a new way to connect with qualified leads. And as you've noticed, a hotel may also appear in the Hotel Finder Experiment even if it is doesn't have Hotel Price Ads. We use a variety of signals to generate a comprehensive set of high-quality hotel results and welcome feedback about missing hotels.” It’s admittedly a work in progress, Yick said. Get the full story at