European CEO spoke with Marc McCabe, Business Travel Lead at Airbnb, to find out how the company plans to make inroads into the corporate travel industry. What steps are you taking to make Airbnb appeal to the corporate and business market? I think that the first step that we really took was to start working with travel managers to develop a solution that would make them more comfortable with Airbnb as a corporate offering. And I think that one of the things that we addressed was duty of care – being able to know where your employees are at any one time. We also helped to filter some of the properties that are more suitable for business travel. So, we created a business search site that filters out some of the more eclectic properties, like treehouses and boats. It only shows entire homes and properties with Wi-Fi. This gives you an easier view of our properties from a corporate standpoint. And then we provide some dedicated services as well. And so, through this, these companies are able to offer a programme that fits better within their corporate structures. Get the full story at the European CEO Read also "Airbnb adds pricing recommendation tool"