Consumption of content moves extremely fast these days, and the time it takes to deliver a key message to your customer has seemingly narrowed. This trend is changing the way content is created as consumers have shorter attention spans and don’t get nearly as enthusiastic about a “big reveal” as they once did. A study from MIT found that people consume content six times faster than they did in 2001. Due to this trend, content producers are moving away from the traditional narrative arch and instead looking to build content tailor-made for the way we consume on Facebook. - On the go: This content and its key message should be almost immediately discernible. Users consume this type of content in 2 to 3 seconds. - Lean forward: Interactive ad types are paving the way. Create content that is engaging for canvas ads, collections ads, 360 video and short live sessions. - Lean back: Snackable video is a hot topic, but if you have a complex story to tell then look no further than in-stream video on Facebook, where users view to completion 70% of the time. It’s worth noting that as of August 17th, advertisers can select the placement individually versus under the news feed umbrella. Get the full story at Koddi Read also "Facebook’s Travel Summit is all about video"