Expedia's hotel search results page is pretty much a masterclass in conversion optimized design: 1. Upsell: Expedia subtly reminds you that you can have a more comfortable trip by upgrading your flight class. Since Expedia knows that you are searching for vacation packages, comfort and not cost is likely your top concern. 2. Countdown Timer: The “Deal of the Day” with the countdown timer is a great way to show scarcity and compel action. 3. Social Proof: By showing the number of people viewing a listing right now, and the total number of reviews, Expedia gives you social proof of the hotel’s quality. 4. Scarcity: “Only 2 tickets left” is a good example of how Expedia uses scarcity (real or artificial) to compel action. Get the full story at Econsultancy Read also part one of this article series "How Expedia turns visitors into customers"