The continuous improvement in search means travellers will be able to find precise room details, and make a much more informed decision on what is the best hotel for them. From a monetisation perspective too, players highlight that unlike OTAs that are tied to merchant commissions, hotel search sites can emulate traditional search engines and monetise in many ways, including distribution partnerships, commissions, and advertising. Travellers are increasingly gravitating to hotel search sites like Room 77 or HotelTonight over booking with agencies. Although not everybody would agree, Drew Patterson, CEO of Room 77 says this is because hotel search sites provide more comprehensive results that save consumers money. And pure play hotel search sites are better equipped to focus exclusively on the hotel search problem. Room 77 claims that it is the only hotel search engine to deliver many different rates types, such as AAA, senior and military or government rates, and those rates that are eligible for loyalty points and are fully cancellable. The site also make it easy to quickly filter by free amenities like free WiFi and free breakfast, so travellers can find the hotel that best meets their needs. At the same time, Patterson admits that it’s still too hard to find the right place to stay. “Hotels are such a subjective and personal decision…whether they are travelling for business, leisure, family or romantic getaway,” he says. Get the full story at EyeForTravel Read also "How Room 77 wants to capitalize on a stronger hotel seller’s market"