Starting with a number of small-scale initiatives Google is pushing into OTA territory with products such as Limited Offers linked to Google's Hotel Finder service. Next up will come a yet-to-be-branded 'captive demand platform' which will give Google's hotelier customers the ability to upload secret lists of loyal, valuable customers into the Google engine and then churn out special rates to customers. Finally, this will be connected back to Google Wallet, allowing the search giant to control the whole process of research and booking. This opens up a number of possibilities, not least the rise of opaque pricing based on personal information - a huge departure from the existing rate-parity agreements signed with the OTAs - with the potential to push prices below those advertised on Priceline and Expedia. Key to this push by Google is the bait for hoteliers. They keep the customer lists and transactions and don't have to rely on the existing 'atomic' model managed by OTAs where between 15% and 25% of revenues is taken as commission. Get the full story at Travel Weekly UK Read also "Google expected to roll out new “captive demand” platform for hotels"