Booking data shows weakness for hotels New reservations data from TravelClick points to potential headwinds ahead for the U.S. hotel industry. According to its July 2016 report, the pace of new hotel bookings is down 3.6% in July, compared to the same month last year. Business travel is leading the downturn, with bookings down 4%. For the next 12 months, transient bookings are up 3.2% year-over-year, while average daily rate for this segment is up 1.6%. Again, the culprit is transient business travel, where future bookings are down 4%, although ADR is up 2.8%. There is some good news: The transient leisure segment shows occupancy gains of 6.7%, with ADR gains of 1.8%. Group bookings are up 6.1% in committed room nights over the same time last year, and ADR is up 3.2%. Get the full story at Duetto