While mobile is the primary device for a significant number of consumers, satisfaction with the mobile retail experience is low, with only 45 percent satisfied with retail applications and 47 percent satisfied with retail mobile Web sites. Retailers need to focus on creating both a strong mobile Web presence and a mobile app, the former to drive awareness and the latter to boost conversions, per Adobe. “If mobile is the new paradigm, it is not great to have 55 percent unhappy with app experience,” said Matt Asay, vice president of mobile, Adobe. “You have to have a great experience.” “Most people when they actually want to buy something, want to do it in app,” he said. “Smart marketers are looking at how do I get them to think about my brand by coming to my mobile Web site and, as they get them closer to really wanting to engage with me, that is when we need to get them to the app.” Get the full story at Mobile Commerce Daily