For some travelers, $300 for a night in a luxurious hotel is ample extravagance. But others seek the truly decadent--bigger, splashier and far more expensive. For them, there are options like the $25,000-per-night penthouse suite at The Setai in South Beach, Miami.

The penthouse takes up the entire 40th floor of the hotel: 6,500 square feet of interior space, plus 3,000 square feet of balconies and a private pool. It has two master bedrooms, each with a private terrace, and floors of polished black granite. It even comes with its own butler, Andrew Marston, formerly of Buckingham Palace. For The Setai's highest-rolling guests, "it's worth the money," says Jennifer Tseng, a reservationist with the hotel.

According to hotel reservations staff, the suite fetches rack rate from December through March, no exceptions--and it's booked more than once a month. But during the less popular spring and summer months, the price is flexible, dipping as low as $15,000.

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