Motel 6 launched a streamlined booking experience with Google Wallet that will allow customers to pay for their stay using the Buy with Google button. Motel 6 also integrated Google Wallet within its mobile Web site so guests can now book their hotel stay with just a few touches, though it doesn’t really change the booking experience for travelers much without integrating a loyalty program. “I would really look at what makes Google Wallet, and mobile wallets in general, different than traditional payment methods,” said Alex Campbell, co-founder and chief innovation officer, Vibes, a chicago-based mobile marketing technology company. “How can they help the customer have a better experience at Motel 6? What about including loyalty into the payment process?” “Mobile phones are so important to customers that anytime a customer uses his or her phone it’s a great opportunity to interact with them on a personal level,” he said. Get the full story at Mobile Commerce Daily