MySpace is likely to change its technology strategy to allow other online companies to ?plug? their web services directly into its social networking site, according to Chris DeWolfe, one of its founders.

The move would mark a new step in the evolution of social networks into fully fledged internet platforms, while opening a new front in the battle for audience share among the web?s fastest-growing companies.

The expected change in approach is a reaction to the success of rival Facebook, which last month unveiled a similar step to open its network to outside developers. Although it has less than half as many users as MySpace in the US, Facebook?s approach has won it strong backing from other consumer internet companies, which hope it will give them an easier way to reach the network?s 27m members.

More than 1,000 applications and services are already available, letting users do things like publish slideshows of personal pictures to their Facebook pages, or add a box that keeps track of when their favourite bands are playing concerts nearby.

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