Sometimes, real-time help can come from an unexpected place, like a random hotel's Twitter account. That's what Susan Liberatore, a sales manager from Toronto, discovered on a recent visit to Salt Lake City. "Traveling to Salt Lake City bright + early tomorrow morning," she tweeted. "Any absolute must sees?" Hilton's help account, called @HiltonSuggests, responded promptly, pointing her to the nearest Nordstrom department store and suggesting two "must-see" activities in Utah's capital. "Both great recommendations, and delivered in a friendly – not computer-generated and vague – way," Liberatore says. Why would Hilton "suggest" anything, let alone to someone who isn't a guest? Goodwill and a positive brand impression, two precious commodities in the travel industry. Hilton Suggests uses a platform called Lithium LSW Experts to funnel questions to one of its local concierges. And with a friendly tip from a knowledgeable local, where do you think travelers like Liberatore will make their next hotel reservation? Get the full story at USA Today