As hotels go, few are as provocative as this one. It is called the Night.

Located on West 45th Street in Manhattan, the exterior of the hotel is painted black and draped with a large white banner embossed with a huge letter “N.”

Inside, the luxury boutique creation features a bold, black-and-white, arguably stark, decor. It is all very dramatic, decidedly Gothic and, in the words of Vikram Chatwal, the developer who created it, “somewhat naughty as well.”

Naughty is almost an understatement.

Take the hotel’s Web site on which viewers will find a collection of images of an eclectic group of sultry, young, half-dressed types in vaguely elegant yet subtly lighted rooms.

All are photographed in black and white, of course, and seem as if they could have been culled from an avant-garde movie -- Anne Rice channeled through Federico Fellini.

The overarching sense is one of decadence and mystery.

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