The papers were developed by HEDNA’s Connectivity Working Group, formed in 2011 with the purpose of defining a framework that permits the efficient exchange of rich, detailed and timely shopping results while maintaining a high level of accuracy for the consumer. Change discovery, a method of determining and communicating the existence of change in hotel rates and availability, is a fairly new concept to the hotel distribution industry. The goal of the “Change Discovery Service” white paper is to define the concept, use cases, issues and benefits of change discovery within the hotel electronic distribution industry. With change discovery, a data originator, data publisher and data consumer can communicate with small, efficient messages that provide a base for building targeted full availability requests for the change detail. This makes each availability message more useful, meaningful and efficient. The “Future of Shopping” white paper proposes the creation of a minimum standard for the exchange of rate and availability data in a precise format that can be universally used by suppliers and distributors to facilitate shopping across millions of combinations of hotel stays. The two primary drivers in proposing this standard are: accuracy in the communication and representation of rate and availability data; and efficiency in the development and maintenance of distribution interfaces. The proposed “rendered shopping data” format described in this white paper provides a structure that benefits all parties involved in the exchange of rate and availability information. Lisa Muret, Director, Worldwide Sales Product Management, InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) and co-chair of the Connectivity Working Group, points out that while the white paper topics are fairly new concepts in the industry, both are in use and both have proven their effectiveness. She also notes that HEDNA is making these white papers available to anyone interested, not just HEDNA members. “It is important to HEDNA and the working group to share these educational materials with as wide an industry audience as possible,” Muret said. “These new educational tools are among the expanded collection of HEDNA resources available to industry professionals who deal with the fast-paced changes in hotel electronic distribution,” said HEDNA President Rajesh Vohra. “HEDNA’s forums and working groups continue to develop materials and education programs to address the needs of the industry across all disciplines of our business.” Download the white papers at HEDNA "Change Discovery Service" (PDF 340 KB), and “The Future of Shopping” (PDF 406 KB)