Splitty: Split rates and room types: Using machine learning through its “Split & Match” technology, Splitty enables travelers to get exclusive rates that are cheaper than both hotels and OTAs. For each hotel search, Splitty looks at millions of combinations of rates and room types within a hotel and then mixes and matches to find the cheapest combination. Waylo: Predict and secure lower hotel prices: Book a hotel room with up to 75% discount in just one text and three taps. That’s the big claim from California-based startup Waylo, which offers the same price tracking and predictive pricing model as airline counterpart, Hopper. Bidroom: Closed user group discounts: In an attempt to capitalize on the dissatisfaction towards the OTA rate parity issue, Bidroom has created an entirely closed-group booking system. After paying a membership fee to join its booking community, Bidroom guarantees to find its members a better deal than the OTAs, with the promise of a potential savings of up to 25%. Get the full story at Travel Tripper