Media companies are either about to enter a new dark age or experience a glorious revolution. Any kind of content that does not have value in the immediate "live" moment is, or will soon experience, a collapsing business model.

Advertising on TV will vanish as we know it as home media servers take over command of home entertainment and step past it. Movies will quickly lose the DVD sales income that help inflate their budgets beyond what the cinema can recoup. Cinemas themselves will be under threat as home screen sizes grow to theater-sized proportions. Even the venerable book will be threatened when some time in the near future a "digital ink" media becomes as cheap and cheerful as paper. Why buy a Harry Potter book when you can download it for free from a book p2p network to your cheap digital paper?

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Right or wrong, the audience cannot be relied upon to pay for media as they do if they absolutely have to. If content can be purloined, a large proportion of the audience cannot see why it shouldn?t be. This is not surprising; people buy what they must and are still left wanting more. There seems to be little doubt that there is no practical solution. As such the media model as we know it is on its way out.

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