Americans have places to go and people to see. Whether for lesure, business or bleisure, travelers are estimated to increase mobile bookings by over 1,000% from 2011. And with users spending approximately 60% of their social media time on mobile devices, this potential technical convergence provides brands with a change to use consumer trends to create their own success stories. Here are five tips for brands to capture the trend: 1. Mobile is a must People are on mobile more than ever. Given that travelers are increasingly using their phones for both booking travel and Twitter/Facebooking, brands should heavily lean on mobile targeting and ad units in their social strategies. 2. Merge your messaging Business and leisure behavior continue to merge as 46% add personal travel days to business travel every or most trips. Consider presenting offers that encourage additional time for R&R after company business is completed. 3. Pursue unsure users Use social retargeting to stay front of mind with potential customers who have visited your website but didn't book. 4. Leverage your list Turn your online booking email list into a powerful social targeting cluster to upsell or resell past or current customers. 5. Step up social staff Social media can be a powerful tool, not only for driving online booking, but also for customer service. Make sure you have enough social savvy employees on staff to respond quickly and effectively to inbound inquiries. Get the full story and infographic at Social Media Today