The research uncovered significant variations from one country to another. In France, for example, bank cards were more popular than elsewhere, while respondents in Germany were more attached to cash than those in other nations. Those in Italy were more likely than respondents in other countries to look forward to electronic wallets and other innovative payment schemes, while many in Poland were early adopters of contactless cards. Except in Poland, at least 80% of those polled said they used cash most often for small everyday purchases, such as grocery items and tobacco. Generally, though, bank cards were used more than any other option for grocery shopping. Respondents in France, particularly, were sold on card transactions for groceries (77%). Overall, there was strong support for continuing to use cash and bank cards as the preferred means of payment, though the balance between the two was tilting, as more consumers planned to adopt cards (including contactless bank cards) instead of cash for future payments. Get the full story at eMarketer