Visual One Systems Corporation, a supplier of management software to the hospitality industry since 1977, has added a guest-friendly feature to speed-up the check-in process at hotels and to decrease labor requirements at a hotel’s front desk: advanced check-in over the Internet.

V1Net is Visual One’s browser-based property management software and is designed to operate over the Internet (but can also be hosted “locally” at your hotel). Check-in over the ‘net allows guests to confirm their sleeping room reservation, confirm a payment method, and choose a room via the hotel’s web site. The guest can print a check-in voucher on their printer and, upon arriving at the hotel, can merely exchange the voucher for a room key.

Visual One Systems is currently in discussions with lock vendors so that guests can bypass the front desk entirely and merely use their credit card as the room key. The credit card would have to be the same card that was used in the check-in process.

David Burroughs, president of Visual One Systems, says that “Although many sites would not want the guest self check-in option; many hotels are looking for ways to reduce their labor costs while increasing guest satisfaction. For most hotels this is the wave of the future.”

V1Net uses “dot net” technology and offers a wide-range of hotel management tools including package plans, yield management, web page interface. Call V1 for a password if you’d like to test an on-line version of V1Net.

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