The issue of incentives is never far from any discussion of ancillary sales, and Sean Menke noted a key difference in the mindsets of online agencies and brick-and-mortar operations. “OTAs are interested in getting the transaction done,” he said. They are thinking about “how get their hooks into the customer.” Once they have reeled the customer in, they can start thinking about selling some extras. Live agents, on the other hand, want to put their best product forward, complete with the personalized extras that will entice the customer. But that takes some extra effort, and the agent has to wonder, “What do I get for that?” Menke believes that the way GDSs handle ancillary sales and other merchandising efforts will ultimately affect the broader issue of agency incentives. He wants agents to look at Sabre’s products and capabilities compared to the competition and “decide they are better off with our tools.” Get the full story at Travel Market Report and Travel Weekly Read also "Sabre reports fourth quarter and full-year 2016 results" at Sabre (PDF 850 KB)