As compliance rates continue to climb at both large and small companies through the use of standard policy-enforcing capabilities of online booking tools, traditional and online travel management companies are looking to drive those rates even higher by developing creative and innovative tools that influence traveler behavior at the point of sale—in some cases, before a traveler even signs onto the booking tool.

"We can negotiate the best programs and the most competitive in the industry for clients on the air, hotel and car side, but if they're not effectively managed at the point of sale, they're not optimized, so it's almost a wasted effort," said DeAnne Dale, vice president of strategic account management and consulting services of Travelocity Business.

Dale and her team are in the process of developing a series of tools so managers can communicate policy with travelers via e-mail. "An example would be if Hilton was a client's preferred chain. We would send out a letter that would have a link for the traveler to sign up for their loyalty programs with information on whatever benefits come along with that," she said. "We're equipping managers with numerous tools to get the word out in more of a marketing campaign as to why the preferred suppliers are important and what the value is to the company."

Dale said she has seen clients produce "unbelievable" results by using marketing tools to illustrate the value of policy. "Instead of just sending out a message that says, 'Carrier A is now one of our preferred suppliers,' we actually quantify what the benefits are to the organization as a whole to utilize that carrier," she said.

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