Among the many key findings the study discovered was the direct correlation between high Digital IQ and ROI. The index revealed that hotels with a higher Digital IQ had a higher Average Daily Rate (ADR) and have been able to rebound more quickly from the recession. In effect, the more digitally competent the brand, the greater its pricing power. Across the entire travel industry, we also found a direct link between Digital IQ and the average time a consumer spends on a Web site. Genius sites hold user attention for an average of 6.2 minutes, while Feeble sites get only 3.4 minutes. That's nearly double the time to engage with and sell to your customers. While we certainly identified a variety of travel brands that are truly Genius, what stood out was how much room there is for improvement across all travel sectors. Amazingly, only 28% of travel brands incorporate social media sharing on their Web sites. Only 60% incorporate video. And a paltry 9% incorporate user reviews. Get the full story at MediaPost